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Are you controlling your Speedometer?

“The forces you are struggling with, that you feel are holding you back - are illusions. They are not real - they never have been. See only the good that you desire in your mind.”  Bob Proctor


Do you realize how powerful you really are?  Do you understand that you are in control of your life and your emotions (your actions and reactions) in every moment?  At eMerge, the Speedometer is our emotional scale.  Are you controlling your emotions? 


Our emotions come from our thoughts.  Change your mind and you change your life.  How are you feeling today?  Your feelings are based on the thoughts you have been thinking.  Are you feeling good?  Then you have most likely been focused on something that brings you joy or makes you happy.  Are you feeling sad, tired, depressed or unhappy?  Then most likely you have been focused on thoughts that make you feel less than good.  You have the power to change your mind.  As you change your thoughts, you change the direction of your life.  You can change your current reality at any time by focusing on thoughts that bring you peace, joy and happiness.  The power is within you.  No one can think thoughts for you.  No one is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.  You are in control of your Speedometer (emotions). 


Take some time today to pay attention to your feelings.  When you are feeling good, notice what you were focused on.  When you are feeling less then good, notice what you were focused on and change your thoughts to what it is that will make you feel better.  Emotions are energy in motion.  What speed are you travelling at right now? 


For more information on the Speedometer, visit our website and download our FREE test drive CD and take control of your life starting today!


Dr. Kelley

What’s in Your Windshield?

Most of us have heard of the Law of Attraction or the movie “The Secret”, so when I saw the quote:  “Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be”, it got me thinking…What’s in your Windshield and are you taking the time to pre-pave your future?? 


When you get in your car in the morning and head to your destination, you have a goal in mind…and you reach it every day because that is the direction you drive in.   That is where your focus is and you get there because you use intentions and action.  If you started to go in the wrong direction, you would simply turn the car around and head in the proper direction towards your goal or destination. 


If you are uncertain how to get to a certain destination, you would plug the address into your GPS system and it would give you turn by turn directions on how to get there…you simply listen and follow the guidance given. 


We have the opportunity to set goals in our Windshield on a daily basis and plug into our HGS (Human Guidance System) where we want to go, what we want to do, or how we want to feel.  It is our choice, we are the drivers’ of our life.  In turn, our HGS will lead us in the direction of our destination on a moment to moment basis…but instead of using words, it uses FEELINGS to guide us.  When we take the time to tap into this amazing car part, we will reach our destination with more ease and effortlessness. 


You have to “drive” somewhere every day….what is your current reality?  If you don’t like your current reality, choose something different.  You get what you focus on, good or bad.  Just like on the road of life, you focus on your desination and you arrive there.  If you focus on what you want, you get more of it.  If you focus on what you don’t want, you get more of it.  Your choice.  Remember, your thoughts and feelings become things…they drive your life.  What direction are you headed for today?


If you are unfamiliar with our car parts, want to learn how to drive with purpose and would like some amazing tools to help you move forward, download our FREE Test Drive CD and take a peek under our hood!!! 


Remember, YOU CAN’T DRIVE A PARKED CAR!!!  Get out there on the road of life and start living!


Also, if you are like us and find joy in “Giving Back”, check out our Blog below and help us to help others move forward and bring their Windshield to life!!!


Have a joyous weekend and remember:


“Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be “


Dr. Kelley

“eMerge Gives Back”…

Good morning!!  


Memorial Day is just around the corner and to many of us it means a day to relax, grill out,  catch some sun, get some sand between our toes and to spend time with friends and family.  Here at eMerge, it is an Anniversary of sorts.  Two years ago on Memorial Day is when I got my “download” of the car analogy concept for our personal development program.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  At the time I thought it was simply going to be a Live Presentation Show to help people “move forward”.   What it has turned into is an amazing program that combines the three “KEYS” to your success and everything you need to move forward in one easy to use “vehicle”. 


What has transpired in the past two years has been an amazing journey for our eMerge team.  Many of them have been in my life before my vision and have dedicated countless time, energy and effort to get us where we are today.  Others have joined us along the way and each person has brought their gifts, their flavor, their own peice of gold to this business and as a team, we will continue to “eMerge”. 


At eMerge we have all experienced tremendous growth, strength, courage and purpose while working with the program.  We each love to help others live the life of their dreams.  It is our shared passion and purpose.  We want everyone to be able to experience a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude. 


Our philosophy: “We believe everyone has unlimited potential to be the person they were meant to be.  We also believe that everyone has the potential to change themselves, their circumstances and open doors for their greatest good.  We are simply here to help facilitate opening those doors.”  We want everyone to get into the Driver’s seat of their life, grab hold of their wheel and move forward.  We tell you over and over again at eMerge, “you can’t drive a parked car!”  Sometimes we get overwhelmed, out of balance and are in need of a jumpstart.  At eMerge, we have our own PIT Crew (Personal Inspirational Training Crew) who will get you back on the road of life if you have a breakdown, feel stuck or experience flat tires. 


“eMerge Gives Back”…  

Two weeks ago I was “downloaded” an idea to form a campaign about giving back.  I brought it to the executive team and some of the PIT Crew members and they thought that it was a great idea to implement.  There are those out there who are less fortunate right now and would love to make changes in their life but can’t afford the tools to get into the driver’s seat of their life.  


 Starting today, we are implementing an ongoing program at eMerge with the following guidelines:

For every eMerge Personal Development Program sold (any style), we will put aside a CD copy of the program plus 2 free coaching sessions into a “kitty”.  We will then go ahead and distribute these programs to people who need our services.  We will be working with non profit organizations, community centers, shelters and individuals.  Stay tuned for updates as this program unfolds.


Please help us to help others by purchasing one of our eMerge personal development programs!!!  For each one you purchase, you give another person the opportunity to get into their driver’s seat!!!  You can go to our product page for details on how to purchase one.  If you have no idea what our program is about, feel free to download one of our FREE test drive programs and take a peek under our hood.  You will never look out your windshield the same way again!!!


Have a safe and fun Memorial Day and thank you for helping us to give back!!!!


Dr. Kelley


Are You in Your Driver’s Seat?

If you spend any time at all these days catching the news or listening to the state of the economy (I know, what a negative audio system that is…), you may get a feeling of helplessness or a feeling of being out of control!  One of the most popular workshops that is requested by eMerge fans is our “Wheel of Life” one.  I know that I have to refer to my Wheel of Life on a daily basis, especially when change happens or if I have an unexpected change in direction!  If you are having trouble with balancing your wheel of life or just feel stuck, make sure to let us know in this forum and see how we can get you balanced and back on the road. 


Right now we have many exciting happenings at eMerge!  We are offering FREE Windshield Workshops…they are “vision board parties” that help you to get a clear picture of where you want to go, what you want to do or how you want to feel…contact an eMerge PIT Crew member for information on how they can put one together for you.

We have our ongoing eMerge Spring Workshop series…tomorrow night is on the Laws of the Road…this is a fun class…you know the car parts, how to read the signs in life and hold the keys to success…but are you following the laws of the road?  Learn the Law of Attraction, in Action!!!!  This is taught tomorrow night, in Foxboro, from 6:30 to 8:30 by James and I.  I hope to see you there!


Does anyone have any stories they want to share on car parts?  We get lots of feedback from our consumers on using their horn effectively, getting rid of the junk in their trunk and paying less attention to their rearview mirror…I’d love to hear more stories on how you are using our car parts!!!  If you are not familiar with our car parts, please take a moment to download our FREE test drive CD, we let you take a peek under our hood and get you into your driver’s seat today!  Once you start using our language, it is addictive…so pass that CD along to your friends and family and start your car talk!!!   You will never look out your Windshield the same way again! 


I will close with the question: “Are You in Your Driver’s seat?”….and if you are…I want to hear more about it!    Dr. Kelley


Welcome to the eMerge Coaching Services blog!  We are excited to share with you behind the scenes tidbits on what is going on as we emerge our personal development company.  We invite you to join the discussion and follow along.  We have a lot of exciting thing in the works!  In the New England division, we just launched our Spring Series Workshops on Tuesday evenings focusing on the Three Keys to Success: Science, Spirituality and Self-Work.  We also have a Great Lakes Division, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, that offers workshops in that area.  Check our events calendar for more details. 

Do you love to help people move forward?  Consider taking our eMerge Coach Certification Program starting in May.  In 6 short weeks you can become a certified eMerge Coach and launch your own coaching business.  Check out our website for more details and get in touch for more questions.  As the founder of eMerge, I began this company to help others move forward and provide others the same opportunity.  By becoming a life coach you learn all the unique ways that eMerge helps others get in their driver’s seat. 

If you have any questions about the program, the workshops, or how you can personally eMerge…Talk to me!!!

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