eMerge is all about options. Our products are designed to move you forward at your pace-choose what works best for you. Drive yourself by ordering Are You in Your Driver's Seat?, available in three formats-new! soft cover book, book on CD or eBook (PDF). Purchase the program and a coaching package suited to your needs. Questions? Contact us to determine what would work best for you.


The eMerge program: Are You in Your Driver's Seat?

You'll learn how to take the wheel and empower your life following our exclusive program, Are You in Your Driver's Seat?, which includes a Driver's Manual, Personal Maintenance Log (PML) and Owner's Manual.


Driver's Manual

The Driver's Manual will take you through three distinct sections:

Section 1: Everything you need to know for the journey. This is where you'll learn the basics of this process. We'll assess where you are in your life now and where you'd like to be. Everything that you do in Section 1 will help you throughout your journey.

Section 2: Understanding who you are and why you're here. What you believe-and more importantly why you believe in the things you do-is necessary if you want to move forward. Your beliefs, values and personal characteristics shape and guide you.


Section 3: Moving forward. You'll put the pedal to the metal and move forward. This is where you're dreams will take shape and where you'll see the most profound changes in your life.

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Are You in Your Driver's Seat?:

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Personal Maintenance Log (PML) & Owner's Manual

The PML is where you'll think out loud and complete assessments that further your self-work from the Driver's Manual. In it, you'll find helpful exercises and activities that support what you're learning through applying the eMerge Car Parts, Laws of the Road and other tools from your Driver's Manual and regular coaching sessions. Complete assignments and assessments from your Coach, while logging daily events from your journey. The Owner's Manual is a quick reference tool to help you understand your vehicle better, and provide hints and universal truths about the eMerge Car Parts.


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Check out a few pages in the Personal Maintenance Log (PML):


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Are You In Your Driver's Seat?


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