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<img height=Come learn, focus and apply the unique eMerge personal development program at an eMerge event! We offer Seminars designed for both Coaches and Drivers.


Interested in becoming an eMerge Coach and operating your own independent life coaching business? Get in your Driver's Seat and sign up for the 15-week eMerge Coach Certification Program, where you'll learn all about our exclusive personal development program! These training sessions are designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a certified eMerge Coach.
We offer Coach Training Classes every October and April. Please see our Coaching Tab for more information.
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Are you interested in learning more about our personal development program and how you can set and accomplish your own goals? Join us for fun and informative Workshops, for Driver's only, to help familiarize you with concepts outlined in our Driver's Manual, Are You in Your Driver's Seat? Whether you're ready to begin working with with an eMerge Coach, or just want access to exclusive eMerge tools, including the Driver's Manual and Personal Maintenance Log, these Driver's Workshops and Seminars are a perfect way to begin eMerging your true self and develop new skills to move forward in your Driver's Seat. Contact us

New! Windshield Workshops

This fun, interactive Workshop is a great place to start to eMerge! Simply gather your friends and family together, with an eMerge Coach, and we'll bring your goals, dreams and visions of the future to life in your personal Windshield. Contact us, and schedule your Windshield Workshop today!

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