"I've been working with an eMerge Coach for two months, and the progress I'm experiencing in both my personal and professional life is astounding! Every day, I focus on what's in my Windshield, and have developed techniques to redirect me when I stray from my path and focus too much on the Rearview Mirror. When I feel stuck or doubtful, my coach is right there to help me focus on my goals and cheer me on. I appreciate having the additional support. I am on track to accomplishing my goals, and I owe it all to eMerge and my great coach!"

~Ann, Boston, MA


"My experience with eMerge Coaching Services certainly was a positive one! Initially I was tentative about coaching via phone, because I thought it lacked the human component of reading body language and in-person dialogue. Now I am a huge proponent of eMerge Coaching!! It gave me the opportunity to interact with the Driver's Manual during my one-on-one coaching sessions, and my Coach addressed my specific concerns and needs, and helped me find solutions. She also assigned homework which provided additional opportunities for reflection and personal growth, and held me accountable to working towards my goals. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and know you will be too!!"

 ~Kate, Attleboro, MA


"Imagining my future through my Windshield. For me, the Windshield is one of the most important Car Parts. Whenever I get bogged down in the minutia of life, I close my eyes and imagine my goal in the Windshield. It helps me to see the big picture and allows me to leave the petty stuff on the roadside, where it belongs. When I picture my Windshield, it forces me to look forward, and that keeps me on track."

~Emily, Richmond, VA.


"Tuning in by tuning it all out

The day I learned to turn off the Audio Systems in my life was a turning point for me. Growing up, I was influenced by the opinions and feelings of others. I internalized the emotions of people around me and was affected by their bad and good moods. Of course, this didn't make for an easy life. My eMerge Coach helped me recognize that I was letting all the voices, opinions and feelings of others determine my outcome in life. I started changing this with some key visualization exercises. When I felt that I was getting in too deep or someone was stressing me out, I imagined that I "turned them off." This helped me separate their emotions and words from my own. It really helped.

Now, I use the same techniques to turn off all the negative information coming at me. For me to reach my goals in life, I need to be positive. With all the negativity in the world, that's sometimes hard to do. When I turn off the negative stuff, I can be more positive. I feel better emotionally and physically, and I know that I can handle anything that comes my way because I'm coming from a positive place in life."

~Amy, Salt Lake City, UT


"Using my Hazard Lights to take a break

I used my Hazard Lights for the first time a few months ago. I had a really bad day and nothing was going my way. The battery in my car died, my company announced that it would lay off workers at the end of the year and my mother called to tell me that a beloved auntie was in the hospital. My Speedometer was out of control and I could feel the pressure rising inside of me.

I decided to hit my Hazard Lights and take a break. I turned off the phone, the computer and the television. I meditated and went for a run on my treadmill. I used my time-out to reevaluate what I could do to improve the situations in my life. I could get the battery replaced by calling a local repair shop. I could update my resume and reach out to colleagues at other companies, just in case I got laid off. I also decided to take a few days and visit my auntie in the hospital.

Taking the time out to slow down and think things through helps me to control my Speedometer. I can make better decisions based on fact instead of emotion. It's a way for me to detach myself from the situation and decide what's best."

~Cindy, Richmond, VA


"Using my Bumpers to set boundaries I use my Bumpers to protect myself. I use my own radar to determine if I need to employ my Bumpers. If my instincts tell me that this person isn't right in my life-if they make me feel uncomfortable at all-I keep my distance. If I'm comfortable with someone-if they make me feel good-then I'll let my guard down.

The Bumpers aren't only used for physical space, but emotional space too. The more comfortable I am with people, the more I'll open up to them. It's a good way to protect myself from people who may only want to hurt me."

~Mike, Elizabethtown, KY


"The junk in my Trunk The Trunk is a great analogy for all the emotional baggage that I carried around. I knew that I had issues and baggage, but it wasn't until I visualized all that stuff as a Trunk full of packages that I could start leaving it behind.

I worked with my eMerge Coach to visualize taking each package out of the Trunk and leaving it by the dumpster. One of those packages was a bad job review I had years ago. I loved the job, worked hard and tried to implement new strategies and ideas.

The review was mean-spirited and was un-called for. (In fact, the manager who gave me that review was fired months later because he was abusive to his employees.) Nonetheless, that review stuck with me and I stopped doing my very best at every job thereafter. I did just enough to get by.

When I visualized leaving that package in the dumpster and driving off, I gave myself permission to start fresh. I made an effort to look forward instead of backward.

Of course, there are times when I slip into my old thought patterns. When that happens, I close my eyes and picture that package in the dumpster and me driving off. It works!"

~Alicia, Holliston, MA


"The most astounding concept I have learned from the eMerge program is that Belief Systems can be changed! Exploring and understanding where your belief systems originate sheds light on this concept. eMerge prompts you to evaluate your beliefs and decide whether you like them or not - and if you find one you do not like, CHANGE IT! There is no right or wrong answer. It is what YOU believe to be true that is important."

~Karen, Norfolk, MA


"I was involved with a woman who let anything and everything serve as a Roadblock in her life. She had deep and intense fears and struggled with self-worth and self-doubt. She also possessed inner beliefs that literally stunted her emotional growth as a young girl.

After I discovered and applied the concepts taught in the eMerge program, which included personal coaching, I realized how much of her Roadblocks affected me. Her Roadblocks became my Roadblocks.

Working with my eMerge Coach, I recognized that her excuses were simply self-inflicted Roadblocks, that she put in her way, knowingly or unknowingly. But they impacted me dramatically as well. I had to separate my issues from her issues. Collectively, in this relationship, we spent far too much time focused on the Rearview Mirror and clinging to issues from the past.

Once we concentrated on learning what the Roadblocks truly represented and what the lesson to be learned was, we were able to successfully move forward-together."

~Benjamin, Boston, MA

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