Life Behind the Wheel

To get on the road of life, first, you must get behind the wheel.

At eMerge, we have a unique perspective on moving forward. And a language all our own. Get to know life behind the wheel at eMerge when you choose to get in your Driver's Seat. The eMerge program, Are You In Your Driver's Seat?, will help you get started. Working with our life Coaches (who we also refer to as PIT Crew members-Personal Inspiration Training Crew) is the next step on your journey.

What's in Your Windshield™?

When you look out your Windshield, what do you see?

Once you begin your journey with eMerge, you'll never look out your car windshield in quite the same way. Our goal is to have you start each day with a new, clearer perspective, looking forward-through your Windshield- not back on your life. Our creative approach to helping you get 'unstuck' is simple, easy to understand at all driving levels, and designed to get you moving-quickly!

Are you using your Horn?

Do you communicate your wants, needs and desires to those around you? How do you express yourself?

Part of our comprehensive program is helping you identify how you feel, where you want to go, and how to convey your feelings to those around you. By opening your body, mind and spirit to transformation, you can break down your barriers and roadblocks that prevent you from moving forward. Communication is key.

Do you have Backseat Drivers?

Is somebody else telling you how, or where, to drive?

Backseat Drivers are the people in your life-friends or family-who take away your personal power by telling you what to do, where to go, how to feel and act. They often criticize, judge and make you feel wrong when you do not need their directions. Notice who makes you feel self-conscious, unworthy or undeserving. Reclaim your personal power by listening to your intuition, or Human Guidance System, not your backseat drivers.

Do you have Junk in Your Trunk?™

Do you carry around junk from your past that is preventing you from enjoying the present, and the future?

By working with an eMerge coach, you can get the junk out of your trunk-the old habits, patterns, behaviors, and experiences from the past that are preventing you from moving forward. We want you to start each day leaving yesterday's junk at the curb, rather than carrying it into today.
Following the Laws of the Road™

The Universe is guided by a set of Laws-do you follow them?

We've developed eMerge Laws of the Road to guide you on your journey. These laws are designed to govern you. But reading the laws will only give you a foundation. It's through the daily practice of following them that you'll become stronger. We recommend that you learn them in small steps. Learn, focus and apply.

By respecting and practicing these laws, your life will improve, your relationships will become stronger and you'll have a more joyful outlook on life.

The systematic order of the Laws of the Road is designed to provide optimum benefits for you, the Driver. As you learn the Laws of the Road, it is important to apply the various car parts. The focus will be your goals, your life. You will observe people, places and situations that will guide you or provide lessons.

Learn more about Life behind the Wheel with eMerge. Contact us to get in your Driver's Seat today!

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