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At eMerge, coaching looks at where the client is currently at in their life and what they are willing to do to get to where they want to go. The coaching relationship is a collaborative and thought-provoking one that supports a client's ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems, and achieve goals. Exclusively at eMerge, you'll work with a team of PIT Crew members on your journey. Our PIT (Personal Inspirational Training) Crew ™ is our eMerge Coaches that provide support, training, teaching and guidance as you move forward on your journey. The PIT Crew is your maintenance crew, helping you keep balanced and focused. Consult them when you feel stuck and are in need of assistance at any time.

eMerge coaching is a personalized process that typically begins with an information gathering meeting (face-to-face or via phone) with your Coach, and follows the eMerge program outlined in the Driver's Manual, Are You In Your Driver's Seat?. This Driver's Manual, used in conjunction with the Personal Maintenance Log (PML), is the foundation for you, the Driver, to learn the eMerge Car Parts, Laws of the Road and how to learn, focus and apply the many techniques and methods designed to move you forward in your life.

How to Get Started

If you've determined you're ready to move forward with the assistance of an eMerge Coach, congratulations! Contact us to get started with a Coach. We'll get right back to you with a Coach that best suits your needs. Or, review Our Coaches and email the Coach you'd like to work with. Make sure you purchase a calling plan so you can get started right away!

How to Purchase Calls

Simply go to our Products and review the available Coaching Calling Sessions. We recommend starting with six sessions, as the first intake session is generally 1-½ hours. Add the Sessions to your shopping cart and check out. Be sure to order your Driver's Manual, too! It's the basis of our program. In addition, the length of the coaching relationship is up to you, but generally a three-month commitment will ensure you get the most of the eMerge Program.

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