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eMerge Coaching Services (ECS) is in the business of moving people forward by empowering them to take the wheel and be the Driver in their own life. By following the eMerge program, Are You In Your Driver's Seat?, and incorporating one-on-one coaching sessions with independent ECS Life Coaches, clients are empowered to bring about positive change in their life, and are provided unlimited support and guidance by our Life Coaches, also known as PIT Crew members (Personal Inspiration Training Crew) throughout their journey.

Life emerges with a greater confidence and purpose when clients apply the unique ECS personal development program, as learned through one-on-one coaching sessions, applying the techniques from Are You in Your Driver's Seat? and information gathered at eMerge special events and workshops. To learn more about eMerge Coaching Services, explore our site. When you're ready to get in your Driver's Seat, contact us.

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